Naruto vs Sasuke Fight

Naruto is probably one of the most famous anime in recent years in the US and in the world. The manga (comic books) from which the cartoon is drawn was first published in 1999, while the cartoon arrived in 2002.

The star of this anime is the young ninja Naruto and the cartoon series follows his quest to become the most important ninja in his village, through the ninja academy and several fights. Joining him at the academy is Sasuke, his friend and companion. But Sasuke leaves the village to go and train with the ninja Orochimaru who has betrayed his ninja tradition, in order to obtain the necessary strength to avenge the killing of his clan by his brother Itachi.

The episode shown in this video is that of the battle between Naruto and Sasuke, his friend. The episode concludes the first successful season of the cartoon series, which had an immense success in Japan, the United States and around the world.

Top Animation studios

  • Production I.G
  • J.C.Staff
  • A-1 Pictures
  • Studio 4°C
  • Gainax