Legend of the Twilight Episode 1

In this video you can watch the first episode of Hack / Legend of the Twilight, an anime adapted from the manga published by Jpop, the largest, most famous producer of Anime in Japan.

This anime gives the story of Shugo, a 14 year old boy, who is an expert of video games, begins to play MMORPG game called "The World", a game in which millions of people are involved in a virtual reality.

This virtual reality, however, is full of hackers and vagrant, in ravines inaccessible to users and virtual objects that give immense powers. One of these is the bracelet of the twilight, and Shugo receives a gift that has the power to impede or benefit those who carry it. In trying to uncover the mystery of this bracelet, Shugo meets characters who lead him to the discovery of the world inaccessible and hidden.

Top Animation studios

  • Production I.G
  • J.C.Staff
  • A-1 Pictures
  • Studio 4°C
  • Gainax