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Anime, the world of Japanese cartoons, has a huge crowd of followers. It appeals to all age groups and is loved by children and adults alike.

Anime is a whole, complete world, with its own set of rules and its different countries populated by different characters, each with its own peculiarities. It takes years to become a true expert of this vast and complex world.

This genre of Japanese cartoons represents for many of us, who were born from the late 70s, something that has accompanied our childhood and our teenage years. Just think of titles like "Tiger Man", "KenShiro" or "Heidi" or "Dragonball" or "Naruto" in the year that followed.

Anime is also a gateway to the Japanese culture and traditions, as it often embeds many traditional elements of the country of the rising sun. For example, the bushido, or the way of the noble warriors, who must train themselves for combat but also for justice, piety and loyalty, can be the cornerstone of a story that has the warriors as the protagonists the their path as the main theme of the cartoon.

Anime has many categories, mainly divided by age groups and sex of the audience. For example, Kodomo Anime are dedicated to children up to 10 years old, and Shonen Shoujo respectively to girls and boys between 10 and 18 years of age. Seinen and Josei for a male and female aged 18 years and older. Within these broad categories, further subdivisions relate to the subject of romance, sports, science fiction, horror, comedy and so on.